Toyota Corolla Gli manual 2013 Model Price in Pakistan

The price of the Toyota Corolla manual Gli 2013 model is a bit lesser than that of the automatic. The Toyota corolla Gli for 2013 has been launched in two various models. Both are sent per cent same except the difference of the transmission. The Toyota corolla Gli is available in the 5 transmission modes. 4 forward speed transmission and 1 is for reverse. The car has auto transmission and another model has manual transmission. Here we shall see the manual Gli model of the Toyota corolla. The price of this car in Pakistan is about 1.6 to 1.7 million Pakistani rupees. Let us see some more cool and new additional features of the Toyota corolla Gli 2013.

Toyota Corolla Gli manual 2013 Model Price in Pakistan

  • Toyota Corolla Gli manual car is a 4 door beautiful car.
  •  The car is available in about 9 different colors. All the colors are business class solid metallic colors with sharp decent shades.
  • The interior of the cars is mostly light grey made of leather.
  • The features are made easy which are based on the electronic controls.
  • The power electronic control of the steering can give you true experience of the easy car and professional car drive.
  • The disc brakes can grip the car at the spot and hence you feel free to go on the speed with your car.
  • The body type of this luxury car is sedan.
  • The engine is 1ZR- FE.
  • Dashboards are also divided in two separate compartments.
  • Windows and the back mirrors are controlled electronically by the new Toyota corolla gli.
  • The new and the stylish Toyota corolla Gli manual can be your 2013 sedan car in just 1.6 million rupees. The price may vary a little as it is the ex factory price in Pakistan.
  • The engine is so powerful and it can get the maximum speed in just first 12 to 20 seconds.

Now have a look on the pictures of the beautiful sedan Toyota Corolla Gli 2013. The gracious and spacious luxury car really looks so attractive and comfortable. The car can really give a comfortable and luxury drive with the economical fuel consumption, power and speed. Look at it and get it as the price of this car is between 1.5 to 1.6 million Pakistani rupees.




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