New Year Toyota Corolla XLI 2013 Pakistan Prices

Toyota corolla has been available in market under two grade marks. Toyota Corolla XLI and Toyota Corolla GLI are available with the new models of 2013 with more superb and high added features. Here in this article our concern is with the Toyota Corolla XLI. It is a luxurious car and 100 % affordable for a middle class person. It has powerful engine that can get the high speed of 60 km in just first 12 seconds. Moreover the consumption of oil is also so less and the emission of the fuel is as less as any economy car should have. The price of the new model of the Toyota Corolla XLI 2013 is not so high.

New Year Toyota Corolla XLI 2013 Pakistan Prices

It is available in about 18 lac Pakistani rupees. The price may vary in the different region of Pakistan. It is the average and estimated price of the new model. Moreover the price may be less in case of some discounts. Some more features of the car are, it has a power steering and disc brakes to give you a full and easy control on your car. The new model is available in different colors. Red, silver, grey and black are mostly sold in this model. The interior of the car is in grey and solid silver color. The transmission is both auto and manual. So you can enjoy all the excitements that a luxury car can give you. So make your mind and get the new and not so costly a luxurious and economy car.


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    Jul 12. 2013

    Toyota xli new pries pakistni

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