New Toyota Belta 2013 Price in Pakistan

Toyota belta 2013 model has been now launched in Pakistan also. The price of the new model of the Toyota Belta in Pakistan is from 12 lacs to 14 lacs. Toyota belta is a decent and superb model like Toyota Corolla but in fact it is more reliable in economic factors. The price of the Toyota Belta is also a bit lower than those cars. The car was first introduced in the country in 2007 and the consecutive models were launched till 2012. The car has been used now widely in the country. In this article the brief description about the car will be given along with the pictures and price. Now first of all look at the salient features of the car. Here they are given below.

New Toyota Belta 2013 Price in Pakistan

  • Toyota Belta is graceful 4 door sedan.
  • The car is available in two powerful engines.
  •  The car with 1000 cc engine can be bought for 1,180,000 rupees in Pakistan and car with the 1300 cc engine has the price 1,360,000 rupees in Pakistan.
  • The price may be a little variable as this is the factory announced price.
  • Transmission for the Toyota Belta is auto.
  • The car has 5 shift transmission control.
  • The car is also known as the Toyota Vios and Toyota Yaris Sedan.
  • The car is available in 8 different colors. All the colors are sharp and metallic.
  • The car originally comes in Gasoline fuel system.
  • The engine type 2NZ- FE.
  • This is the most suitable car as it has all the features that are mostly found in the luxury cars. It has same engine as that has the Toyota corolla.
  • The other features like power electronic steering and power windows also show its resemblance with other luxury cars.
  • In short it is the best car in low price with all the features of any luxury car that is available in Pakistan in a relatively higher price.

Now at the end have a view over the pictures of the new Toyota Belta. See the luxury of this car, the unique style and attraction that it naturally has.


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